Quick synopsis: Claire Moore survived an attack by the Black-Out Killer and became an overnight celebrity. Now ten years have passed but Claire remains traumatised by her brush with death. One night, there’s a power cut; a house fire; and another victim is found killed in the same way as before. The Black-Out Killer is back. And he’s coming for Claire…


Review: Claire Moore is a delicate and complicated character whose struggle to come to terms with her brush with death we follow in close detail. Some reviewers comment that this is repetitive but I personally felt it added to the story and helped me understand her character better. The sections written by the Black-Out-Killer sit in stark contrast to Claire’s own introspection and juxtapose really nicely. There’s action, too, plenty of it, especially towards the end where the killer twist hits you like a punch to the face!

The positives: This story grabbed me from page one and the spine-tingling, chilling narrative kept me gripped throughout. The ending was a complete surprise and I loved that about  this book.

The negatives: Not many, maybe Claire’s narrative could have been swapped for a bit more of the Black-Out killer – I found him fascinating.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars.






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