Quick synopsis: I Know Who You Are alternates between two story lines: Aimee Sinclair, a well-known actress with a missing husband; and a little girl who’s abducted from her home.



Review: I Know Who You Are is a twisty-turny psychological thriller and explores themes of child abduction, child abuse and neglect, marital secrets, memory-loss and twisted familial relationships. In my opinion, this book started out incredibly but lost its way. The twists came one after the other, sure, but the major reveal was kind of ridiculous and I just couldn’t buy into it.

The positives: This book is definitely readable and interesting. The twist is different from things I’ve read before – so that’s definitely a plus – it’s just the fact that it had to stretch all credibility to get there… and when you’re there it’s slightly disgusting. I think it could have worked if there had been more set-up and more background to the relationship… what happened in the past to provoke this crazy bond?

The narration from the child is excellent. This sub-story had it all: peril, fear, tension, drama, action.

I really enjoyed Alice Feeney’s Sometimes I Lie. I gave that a 5 star rating and if you’re after an introduction to her work I’d go with that rather than this one.

The negatives: I couldn’t work out what the reader was meant to think about the main character. She kind of fell off the page for me. I didn’t feel I ever got to know her or understand her. Also, her part of the story got stuck in a rut at times, the main issue –  ‘where’s my husband’ – dragged on for ages and didn’t move with enough pace. I also found the latter stages of the book really confusing, there was too much misdirection and, rather than adding to the story, just distracted from the action, especially as I had to keep going back to try and work it all out.

Overall: 3 out of 5 stars.

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