Quick synopsis: Maddie is an overwhelmed mother-of-three, exhausted by her youngest’s never-ending colic and battling herself with memory loss. When tragedy strikes and Maddie loses a child in suspicious circumstances, the police are convinced that someone is to blame. But who? Maddie begins to doubt herself, but it’s those closest to her she should be questioning…


Review: Are we born evil, or made that way? The classic nature vs. nurture debate is ignited in this novel with great effect, diving into themes such as psychopathy, child-killers and juvenile prison sentences. In fact, this novel could have been really, deliciously dark, and I found the narrative from abused Lydia to be gripping, horrific and, at times, challenging. The main crux of the story, told through the eyes of the overwrought and unreliable Maddie, were much less spine-tingling.

The positives: A healthy number of twists and turns for a psychological thriller, the first of which caught me unaware – I love it when that happens!

The negatives: I guessed the final twist very early on in the novel, but I don’t mind that, it’s quite nice to be proved right and for the moment to serve as a reveal rather than a shock.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars.


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