Quick synopsis: Samantha is a school-teacher from Bristol writing to an American man, Denis, on death row. He’s the star of a documentary pushing to prove his innocence and Samantha finds herself right in the thick of the campaign to free him. They get married while Denis is behind bars, then he’s acquitted. The pair can now spend the rest of their lives together: so why is Samantha so scared?



Review: The Innocent Wife was a disappointing read for me. The premise promised so much action, intrigue and suspense that I tore through the first quarter of the book, desperate for the action to begin and it just… didn’t. The characters were flat: Denis was dull, not very sinister, not very compelling. Samantha had a semi-interesting backstory but it never really came to anything, she showed absolutely no backbone, and her concerns about Denis just went on a never-ending loop. I did not care what happened to any of these characters at the end of the book.

The positives: Literally the only positives are the premise, the cover, and the set-up.

The negatives: The entire story.

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars.


  1. Hi Helena,

    It is great to ‘meet’ you and thanks for visiting Fiction Books today.

    I have to admit that the cover art and premise of this one are quite compelling, definitely one I would have probably picked up a copy of.

    Some of the many Goodreads reviews have reflected your own concerns and points, whilst others are raving about the story, so this is a real ‘love it ‘or ‘hate it’ book – although the overall ratings consensus is a ‘thumbs down’!

    I hope that your next book is much more to your liking and if you are on Goodreads and want to become friends, here is a link to my page …

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    1. Lovely to meet you too, Yvonne! I’ve been enjoying your reviews on Fiction Books for a while. The fab reviews of The Innocent Wife are what prompted me to buy it, I suppose that always raises your expectations for a book and when you’re let down it’s twice as irritating!


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