REVIEW: The Temp

Quick synopsis: Carrie is a successful TV producer who seemingly has it all, but when she falls pregnant her once-perfect husband, Adrian, begins to distance himself. Emma is a recent grad, desperate to make a mark for herself in the world of TV and, after a series of rejections and set backs, Emma finds herself in a position to cover Carrie’s maternity leave. But Carrie’s worried it’s not just her job Emma’s planning on taking…

The Temp.PNG

Review: The Temp is a fun read. Arguably it starts a little slowly, but I found the insights into the glamorous world of TV production interesting to read about. The entire story preys on some primal fears that I think lots of women will probably relate to: a younger, more talented, prettier woman coming along at work and taking everything away from you! Can you think of anything worse than losing your family and your career in one fell swoop?!

The positives: I absolutely loved the latter stages of this book and, without giving away spoilers, when the tension and drama took hold I was utterly gripped. I also didn’t see the final twist coming and I love that!

The negatives: I’d have liked something a bit more dramatic to have happened in the middle of the novel and it wasn’t until the end that I was ripping through the pages.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars.

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